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Ethiopia is producing and exporting distinct products & services to the globe since around the third century BC. The country natural gifts enable to produce several types of agricultural products. There is nowhere else better to source different varieties organic coffee than Ethiopia. The pulses which Ethiopia is producing make its contribution wide not only to the country but also to address health diet issues worldwide. Oilseeds are not only the potential export products but Ethiopian sesame is uniquely preferable by its color, seed size, oil content and variety of usage. The huge potential of livestock enables to produce soft & delicious meat and leather goods Flower is the other face of Ethiopia’s potential which makes the country 2nd largest flower exporter from Africa.
The country’s unique nature with great effort allows playing vital role in international market. The visitors can have an opportunity to comprehend & experience the nature, potential & unique characters of the export products of Ethiopia. This is why Ethiopia invites manufactures to source or to invest in Ethiopia in order to access the organic & unique raw materials easily & enjoy the incentives in place. 



Ethiopia strives to become the manufacturing hub of Africa and this ambitious plan is to be practical through developing world class industrial parks that is why Ethiopia has highly invested in construction of industrial parks to avail world class infrastructure, utilities and government facilities in the parks through one stop shop services.  To encourage foreign companies to invest in Ethiopia, the government has pressed with massive infrastructure construction. Facilities range from new roads, water pipes and power and telecommunication lines to a new rail link between Addis Ababa and the Port of Djibouti. New industrial parks have also been built.

What makes these parks so special is they are clustered in specialized sectors of investment. Industrial parks are the perfect solution for your investment to commence projects and start playing with in short span of time. Big enterprises are also encouraged to develop their own industrial parks in Ethiopia.



Listed in top 20 cool places to travel in  2020 by National Geography Travel, In Ethiopia, nature, culture and history merge to form a timeless appeal. Ethiopia, with its impressive tourism potentials, is truly a land of contrasts and extremes, a land of remote and wild places, and of spectacular alpine terrain - including the Semien Mountains National Park with its 4513 meters peak at Ras Dashen one of the nine UNESCO world heritage sites; and at the other end of the spectrum, the Danakil depression 116 meters below sea level is among the lowest places on earth and extremely hot.

The latter depicts a fascinating sulphur fumaroles and a lunar like landscape.  The Cradle of Humankind: - It was in Ethiopia where humans first began to walk upright, including our celebrated ancestors - Lucy (3.2 million years old), Salam, (3.3 million years old) and Ardi (4.4. million years old) that are among Ethiopia’s rich prehistoric and paleontological heritages. Therefore, Ethiopia invites you to discover why it is the origin of so much history and culture, vibrantly alive in a warm landscape of dramatic beauty.


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