12 Experiences That May Well Change You Forever

Only in Ethiopia


Meet your ancient ancestor the hominoid skeleton ‘Lucy’ at the National Museum


Marvel at the mystical churches of Lalibela, hand-hewn from rock to create the Jerusalem of Africa


Find out where the biblical Ark of the Covenant is kept in Aksum and walk in the footsteps of the Queen of Sheba.


Visit the castles of Gondar, unique in Africa, and go back to a time of powerful kings


Visit Al-Nejashi Mosque is as old as the faith of Islam


Discover the astonishing mix of ethnic groups in Southern Ethiopia and learn about their traditional ways of living.


Wander in colourful Harar, the old walled city of a hundred mosques, and the fourth most holy site in Islam.


Trek the Simien Mountains, the Roof of Africa, and enjoy endless vistas or hike in Gheralta to experience the spirituality of centuries old churches dotted among steep pink cliffs.


Explore the out-of-this-world landscapes of the Danakil Depression, the lowest and hottest place on Earth, and climb the Erta Ale volcano.


Tour the lakes and parks along the Great Rift Valley - the only geographical feature visible from the moon


Take a boat trip on Lake Tana, the source of the mighty Blue Nile, to discover its islands and monasteries.


Cave in the largest cave system in Africa – Sof Omor cave.

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