Investment in Ethiopia

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Industrial Parks: The ideal solution for your investment in Ethiopia

Ethiopia strives to become the manufacturing hub of Africa and this ambitious plan is to be practical through developing world class industrial parks that is why Ethiopia has highly invested in construction of industrial parks to avail world class infrastructure, utilities and government facilities in the parks through one stop shop services.  To encourage foreign companies to invest in Ethiopia, the government has pressed with massive infrastructure construction. Facilities range from new roads, water pipes and power and telecommunication lines to a new rail link between Addis Ababa and the Port of Djibouti. New industrial parks have also been built.

What makes these parks so special is they are clustered in specialized sectors of investment. Industrial parks are the perfect solution for your investment to commence projects and start playing with in short span of time. Big enterprises are also encouraged to develop their own industrial parks in Ethiopia.

Why industrial parks?

  • The country offers investors world class infrastructure and unmatched fiscal and regulatory incentives
  • Government Political will and policy coherence, low cost of doing business, and access to geographic proximities to the rest of the world
  • No construction cost
  • Industry parks are located in the economic collider of the country
  • Plug and play
  • Zero liquid discharge
  • Export incentives: the Duty Draw-back Schemes, the Voucher Schemes; the Bonded Export Factory Schemes; the Bonded Manufacturing Warehouse Schemes; the Bonded Input Supplies Warehouse schemes; and, the Industrial Zone Schemes
  • Stable and consistent business operating environment
  • Transparent laws, rules & regulations

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