"Ethiopia's Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai

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With the theme of “Ethiopia land of origins and opportunities”,the Ethiopian pavilion at Expo2020Dubaiissituated under expo’ssub theme- the opportunity district. This is tune with the great opportunity for tourism, investment, export, agricultural productions, and other related activities that Ethiopia offers to the world today. The Ethiopian Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai occupies a land area of 400 sq m.  As Ethiopia is one of the oldest countries in the world, it has much to offer- the world class event is an opportunity to advance the view of the abundance of natural beauty, important aspects of Pre-history and history of Ethiopia, diverse cultural attractions and practices globally, as a source of creativity, innovation and business and investmentnetworking.

Ethiopian Pavilion at Dubai EXpo2020

Origin Of Now

The visitors will enter a low dark space; the walls and ceiling of the cave will be covered with ancient symbols, images and screens showing Ethiopia’s history as the cradle of mankind. At the end of the cave, the visitors will find ‘Lucy’ surrounded by the calendar of Ethiopia.

The zone will also include a wall of history, displaying ancient objects, tools, crafts, jewelry, and information about Ethiopian tribes, books, architecture. The space will also include mirror panels, which will provide the visitors with an immersive experience.

Origin Of Opportunity

The visitors will enter a bright modern-day factory with a grey-colored industrial floor. The central area of the space will teach visitors about Ethiopian coffee - display packets of coffee beans, information about its history and the Agro-process from bean to coffee. On the right, the visitors will find a display area which focuses on the entire process of clothing manufacturing; from factories in Ethiopia to stores worldwide.

Interactive screens will provide visitors with the option of choosing which part of the process they wish to learn more information about. Along the way, the visitors will learn about other Ethiopian products such as teff and sesame seeds. The visitors will also encounter the “Origin” hub, which will include a mix of objects, images and text explaining the uniqueness of Ethiopia as an uncolonized and independent country.

Origin Of Us

In a garden of white Calla Lilies, the visitors will first encounter a semi-enclosed children’s play area, dedicated to traditional Ethiopian games, from the classic Gerbeta board game, to Sengo Maksegno. In the same space, the visitors will learn about the culture and history of Ethiopia via portraits of people and text about their stories.

Inside the garden, the visitors will also be able to participate in a classical coffee ceremony, sitting around an Ethiopian women as she performs the ceremony. Behind her, the visitors will experience a panoramic image of Ethiopian landscape. The walls will also include several video projections with audio, so that the visitors can watch and enjoy the sounds and landscape of Ethiopia. Before they leave, the visitors will also encounter two “Origin” hubs – one will explain the unique Ethiopian calendar, and one will explain the Tiya UNESCO site.