Livestock and Meat

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 Ethiopia has the largest livestock population of any African country, with 60.3 million heads of cattle, 31.3 million sheep, 32.7 million goat, 1.42 million camel and 60.04 million poultry (CSA 2018). Livestock are produced in both the highly productive, high rainfall highlands areas and vast lowland areas of the country. As a result between from a base of $18.5 million in meat export in 2005/06, the country reached $78.36 million in meat export in 2019. So far the country is exporting meat to the Gulf Region majorly to United Arab Emirates which accounts more than 60% of all meat export and seconded by Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (37 %) and the rest to Qatar, Oman, Vietnam and few African countries. Therefore, UAE is the strategic partner to Ethiopia when it comes to meat export.

Our Export Products:

  • Fresh Chilled Sheep and Goat Carcass
  • Fresh Chilled Bon in/Boneless Beef and Frozen Bon in/Boneless Beef

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