Trade in Ethiopia

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Origin of coffee

Coffee Arabica grew wild in the forests of south western Ethiopia. Its special qualities only became known to man about 1000 years ago. An Ethiopian story says that an Abyssinian goat herder called ‘Kaldi’ noticed how frisky his goats became after consuming coffee berries.

He then decided to try some himself. He passed his discovery on to a monk, who transplanted the berries near his monastery perfected his roasting, grinding and brewing process and found that coffee helped to keep monks awake and alert during their devotions.

Since then coffee drinking entered in Ethiopian social life. Coffee was used in meetings, celebrations, and mourning’s and to ward off drowsiness. Today the coffee ceremony -where coffee is roasted, grounded and brewed -is a centre to Ethiopian social life.

 What makes Ethiopian coffee Unique?

  •  Organic farming
  • Abundance of shade-grown coffee
  • Expansive and suitable environments of varying climates
  • Farmers’ traditional knowledge and experience
  • Possibility to promote single origin specialty coffees
  • Modern coffee marketing through Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX).
  • Cultivars with varied coffee content
  • Natural coffee forests - UNESCO Biosphere Reserves

 Ethiopia’s Coffee Varieties

 Ethiopian coffees are recognized worldwide for their level of quality and exquisite flavor. The varieties are named as the place where they grow & presented as follows with their unique characters.


Flavor - Floral, medium to firm acidity, full and round tactile sensation, sweet, gourmet flavor and aroma

Bean - Medium size, compact, dense, round to oval ends, grayish-bluish color wet processing


Flavor - Spicy, medium to lively, firm acidity, rich and round tactile sensation, balanced and sweet

Bean - medium size, greenish-grayish color, Bourbon and typical cultivars Dry processing


Flavor - Sweet, spicy, winy flavor, delicate to lively acidity, round and rich in body and well balanced

Bean - medium size, oval to oblong with round/pointed ends, greenish color


Flavor - medium acidity, full body and deep mocha flavor

Bean - medium to long size, pointed ends, greenish to yellowish-golden color 


         Flavor - high acidity and body, pleasant after taste

         Bean - medium to bold, oval and thick


          Flavor - moderately bold, soft to medium acidity, rich body, almond/nutty flavor, suitable for blends

          Bean - oval to oblong with rounded or pointed ends with wide center cut, less compact,   greenish color


             Flavor - soft acidity. Rich body, nutty flavor with smooth, clean finish

             Bean - large and bold with moderately soft texture and wider center cut


               Flavor - clean, slightly fruity acidity mocca flavor, suitable for blends

              Bean - Large, greenish to brownish color


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